Technology is evolving at an exponential rate. The way we communicate with each other, shop for products, get advice, even date are now substantially different than they were a decade ago. Businesses utilizing the newer technologies not only have the opportunity to increase their marketing and sales, but also reduce expenses at the same time. With IIM the object is for our clients to receive a good return on their investment with our services so they can improve their bottom line results by making cost effective use of modern technology.

Responsive Design

Modern, state of the art, web design that will render seamlessly into the many new devices and browers on the market today.

Digital Marketing Strategy

With decades of experience across a spectrum of industy, our team will assist you in putting together cost effective approaches aimed at minimizing your mistakes and maximizing your returns.

Lead Generation and Conversion

Unless you are capturing leads and making sales your web site may not be utilized as effective as it should. Our direct response marketing team can assist with lead generation and conversion to sale.


If your business is not showing up in the search results you are not being seen by those searching for your product and service. Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising can significantly increase your exposure.

Content Creation and Management

Content is king. Your content will not only be critical to your sales process, but also to a number of less known factors including search engine spiders, social media, blogs and PR.

Customized Cloud-based Solutions

Operational efficiency and costs can be greatly improved by utilizing modern technology. With cloud based solutions businesses are rapidly taking advantage to improve their bottom line results.


Your company branding is a vital importance if you want to gain a competitive edge, as it allows organizations to gain competitive advantage. We’ll give you a brand communication strategy that will increase and reach your target market.

Creative Print Design

We have a vast amount of experience designing and producing a range of creative printed materials for our clients including adverts, catalogues, brochures, flyers, exhibition stands and signage.

Creative Digital Design

We develop creative ideas and beautiful designs that work perfectly across all your digital platforms. Including websites, electronic direct mail, e-commerce and social media we create experiences that engage your audience and deliver results for them.

Video and Photography

From conceptualizing shot lists to coordinating photo shoots to producing videos we provide the services needed to showcase your products and services through still or video mediums.

Social Media

Our social media consultancy services can assist your business in achieving tangible results from your social media activities.

Customized Programming

From custom built reservation systems, online payment processing, app development, and customer management systems, our programmers can enhance your operational efficiency through customized tech solutions for your business.